July 7, 2011

Time and Dates

In Dubai, I am 9 hours ahead of Houston. In UAE, they take off Friday and Saturday for the weekend and work on Sundays. I don't remember what day it is because I am constantly living in Houston and Dubai time and dates at the same time. Sometimes, I am talking on Skype and I am into tomorrow already. I am living in the next day and Houston is in the day I have already been in. :) I've done that a few times and always thought that was super cool.

For my semi-virtual law practice, I have decided to work Houston's 8am-2pm Sunday to Thursday. That way I can sleep normal Dubai hours and spend Friday and Saturday with my husband.

Also, instead of going to church on Sunday in Houston, we are going to go on Friday. So weird. Anyway, I will get used to it.

I really can't tell you what date it is..I have to look at my phone or computer. One laptop has my Houston time and one has Dubai time. I should buy a few clocks and put the different world times. We are doing that in my Houston office.

Ahhh! :)

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