July 9, 2011

Pork Products - Don't kill the little piggies

Muslims don't eat pork or pork products. To accommodate the large expat population, many non-Muslims, grocery stores have sectioned-off, heavily labelled and signed, pork sections in the grocery store. The entrance always reads - For Non-Muslims in English and Arabic. Walking inside you feel like you are doing something forbidden. :)

Burak showed it to me one day and we walked through for a quick tour to see what was on the other side. I was hit with a strong odor of pork and saw all types of bits and parts that were disgusting to me, a vegetarian for about 17 or so years.

My friend said she saw a grocery store's pork section had pictures of sleeping piglets piled together. I am going to take a picture of that when I find it. I mean when I see little piglets together playing or sleeping, I don't want to eat them. Do you?

So, I will be like the locals and advocate for not killing the little piggies.

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