March 26, 2012


Not sure what got me missing my year in Belgium. I watched the movie One Day, I heard about it because the author was in Dubai a few weeks ago for the Lit Festival. When the movie skimmed over the 90s, it made me think about my exchange student year in Belgium 99-00.

The movie brought up a few things. 1. Early death of a mother (happened to me), 2. Time flying and experiencing life all over the world and 3. Finding love.

I also love the premise of showing the same day over time. Fun way to summarize life.

Anyway, although it has been almost 13 years since I left on exchange, I still remember my year fondly and I think we all wonder if we are ever going to organize a reunion.

When I hear a song from 99-00, drink a drink from that year, smell chocolate, see waffles, see Smurfs, etc. I think about Belgium.

March 25, 2012

You know you have lived in Dubai when:

You know you have lived in Dubai when:
  1. You can tell the nationality of  the car’s driver by its tint job,
  2. You have a maid conversation at least one time a week
  3. Instead of buying or searching out an outfit, designing and getting one made in Satwa is your first option,
  4. You have gotten stuck on side of road taking picture of camels,
  5. You can’t name all the Emirates, but know how to get to Barracuda,
  6. You have to update the directions to your house because the roads have changed,
  7. You boycott the malls until the summer,
  8. You wonder why would you make the Shopping Festival in January after we are all broke from traveling and buying Christmas gifts in December,
  9. You can practically tell the occupation of a person by their nationality and gender,
  10. You try really hard to use the Entertainer coupons and get upset when you forget to use them,
  11. You’ve been to a few Friday brunches, but you are saving up until the next one,
  12. You’ve seen a wild animal in a car driving next to you (or at least read about it),
  13. You have a love/hate relationship with the ‘newspaper’ 7DAYS,
  14. When you go on vacation, you are excited to return back to reading 7DAYS because you had withdrawal,
  15. You know every family has at least one SUV,
  16. You buy gem stones in Sri Lanka and get jewelry made in the Gold Souk,
  17. You follow Sheikh ‘Mo’ on Twitter, Facebook, and his YouTube channel,
  18. You don’t realize you live in a desert until you drive outside of Dubai and it hits you,
  19. You know the national origin of your fruits and vegetables,
  20. You have been addicted to Dubizzle at least once

Ruby L. Powers March 25, 2012