July 9, 2011

It is a small world

My decision to name my blog Itisasmallworld.blogspot.com 7 years ago stems from all the crazy, movie-like encounters I have around the world with people I know or have met before.

For example:
- I have bumped in to a high school (San Antonio, TX) friend's sister in a bathroom in Sevilla, Spain
- I have met someone in Oxford one weekend and then a few weeks later saw them walking the crowded streets of Venice

Just in the last week:
- A high school friend (San Antonio) told me that her college friend had moved to Dubai and so she introduced us on Facebook. This person is within a year of age of me, has lived in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and now Dubai (we have 4 of the same cities), was living in the Heights in Houston before Dubai (so just a mile or two from my house in Houston), had a baby 2 months ago (I had a baby 6 months ago), her husband's job brought her here to Dubai, they brought almost all their furnishings (we did too), and I almost forgot...she lives in the neighborhood right next to mine! We live in the same large complex but of the 8 or so sub-complexes she lives next to mine.

- Burak and I were shopping in Carrefour in the Mall of the Emirates yesterday (apparently it is next to the Dubai Ski but we didn't think to go find it). We were looking for hand soap and getting the run around and then we bumped into one of Burak's former co-workers at Exxon Mobil who had been relocated to Dubai within the last year. It was sort of weird already bumping into people we know in a new city in a new country but I find that this sort of stuff happens. Anyway, the former co-worker didn't realize Burak had resigned and changed jobs. We briefly caught up and then exchanges cell numbers.

Yep, that is the small world segment of the week.

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