July 7, 2011

Moving from Hotel to Villa - July 6, 2011

Yesterday, July 6th, we moved from our 5-star hotel, courtesy of husband's company where he had lived for 22 days, to our new villa. While my husband took a cab from the hotel to work, I dreaded the fact that I had to MOVE once again. I had moved my office May 24th, moved items to storage and items for lending to my sister on June 10th, moved my household into a container June 22-23, moved my 3 suitcases, 1 bag, 1 box and 1 baby to Dubai June 30th and so, what the heck, why not move once AGAIN from hotel to villa on July 6th.

After once last nice buffet breakfast (120 dirham/ $33) with a latte and special made berry crepe, I began to muster my energy for the next move which was getting close to the last one. The nanny started cleaning and packing and really was the source of energy or fire for the move since she was missing her room and working at the house...I think or maybe just was tired of helping us adjust the baby to the 9-hour time zone difference.

In the end there were 12 bags: 7 suitcases, 2 Big boxes, 3 bags, a flower arrangement..oh and a baby and stroller. I called the concierge for 2 porters and for them to call for 2 van taxis. A few minutes later the door bell rang and I opened the door to one nice porter with one cart. I opened the door wider and looked down the hall both ways. Yep, they sent one guy. Either they didn't understand me or didn't think they needed to send 2 guys. I told him it was a lot and he said he'd try to do it. Then I opened up the door and he glanced inside and saw what I meant. He said he would be back with help.

They had taken it all downstairs and then before I knew it, they were loading it in a van taxi while I rushed to check out at the front desk and to confirm that in fact, nothing was going on our credit card. As I checked out I saw all my prime earthly possessions loaded on a taxi by strangers. I tried to quickly get to the taxi. The porter confidentally told me that everything fit in the van and I could ride in a separate car taxi. No, I told him. I am going with the van because I don't trust just anybody with all my key possessions. So with a little adjusting, I rode with the van and my baby and nanny rode in a separate car.

As I was taking the 20-25 min ride, I realized I should have put the baby with me too. I had only met the nanny 4 days ago or so. But I had no reason not to trust her so I hoped for the best.

Burak found a villa that was going to be available in late July but the current family renting it was going to be on vacation in July. In the end, we rented the house in July furnished and they'll take their things at the end of the month when we have a week before our items arrive via ship container. In the spirit of The Office, I like to call it a win, win, win, win scenario since everybody is happy.

We arrived, after unloading, tipping, and waiting for the AC to kick in, it started to feel good to be in a house..a future home.

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