July 18, 2011

Return Policies - We miss you Costco and Amazon.com!!!

Burak and I got spoiled on awesome American return policies at stores especially when we later decided, we didn't need what we bought or in other cases, one of us (not to name names) thought we didn't need what the other one bought (ah hem).

Now in the UAE, I price shop and price shop and never buy because if I buy something here, like a coffee maker, water kettle, cell phone, etc...I have to keep it forever. The return policies are pathetic. It is like no return or make a store credit return within 7 days. It reminds me of the maternity clothing return policy in Houston and I thought long and hard before I bought. To make things worse, someone told me the prices are fixed so there isn't much to price shopping but I have found that different stores carry different brands so I am like to keep looking before buying.

We love Costco for being Costco but also because they would take stuff back even a year later. (I know that sounds bad) and then we loved Amazon because, for example, many baby items from Amazon directly had 365 day returns. This was awesome because you often buy things or are given things you think you need for a baby and then the baby outgrows it or doesn't need it or you realize it was too much and you can return it!

This post is an ode to Costco and Amazon. With you being far far away from us, I am sure we will pay off our graduate loans a lot sooner than if we were in the US.

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