July 5, 2011

Middle East or Houston

My husband had the itch to change jobs so we had decided, me in my fog of recently losing my mother in December 2010 and having my first baby in January 2011, that if we were to move for a job, it would have to be in the middle east. Otherwise, it wasn't worth moving out of Houston, our new favorite place and home of 4 years. Four years being the longest either of has lived in a city during our adult lives.

A little background: Burak, born in Turkey to a blend of cultures, was suggested to move and see new places. He was an exchange student to El Paso, TX for a year at age 18. He later studied at the University of Texas - Austin.

Ruby, born in Missouri to a blend of cultures - American missionaries in Mexico - mom and German-American farmers - dad - split her summers between the ranch in Mexico and the farm in Missouri. She was an exchange student to Belgium (French part) for a year at age 18. She later studied at the University of Texas - Austin.

And so you guess where this is going, they meet in 2000 at UT, they date, get engaged, and get married. They then move to DC for 2 years, then Turkey for 2 months, Barcelona, Spain for a year, and then the Research Triangle in North Carolina for 2 years for graduate school (Duke MBA-UNC Law). Then the move to Houston for the big job, ExxonMobil in July 2007. After 4 years in Houston, where Ruby graduated from law school, passed the bar, got licensed, and started her own immigration law firm AND the couple bought a house and made a cute little baby, they were off to the next adventure.

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Jenni (Smith) McCowan said...

I just saw this and LOVE that you're blogging about your experience in UAE!!! I was deployed to UAE (Al Dhafra Air Base) while in the USAF. It is a beautiful place!