July 7, 2011

Money Conversion

Ok, I decided to quit being good at math after high school because there was always a calculator on a computer, phone, or I could have one in my desk. I didn't see the point because for tipping, I would guess or Burak would do the math. That is another reason it got worse, Burak is so good at it, doing large number calculations in his head, that I can survive without more than basic math skills.

Side note: I think they have a saying that attorneys/lawyers are not good with math and that is why they go to law school. I can agree with that but I do get good with math when calculating how much clients owe me.

So...there are 3.67 or so dirhams for every US dollar. That means I have to quickly divide everythign by 3 or 4 and then try to figure out what the price is. There is an app on my phone but it takes me forever to type it in and calculate. I will probably get better at it.
Money conversion has been an issue in the last 2-3 days when:
- I have to figure out how much to tip porters, taxi drivers, etc.
- I went to the grocery store for the first time and was checking out everything and trying to figure out if it was worth getting the American brand or just go for the cheapest thing even if most of it was in Arabic. I find most of the labels are in both Arabic and English so no problem there.

Anyway, I will get better at it but needless to say, it is annoying.

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