July 5, 2011

The last two weeks of June...I can't believe I survived

My husband had already left for Dubai June 13th (yeah, I didn't want to tell him that wasn't a good day to fly but didn't want my suspersticions get in the way). I had to purge the house of unwanted items, put sentimental items in storage, run my law firm, take care of a 5-month old, sell our 2nd car, assist in putting the house on the market for leasing and being available at the moment's notice for the house to be shown, and oversee the packing and moving of our townhome's belongings..I feel like I am missing something. Oh yes, Burak told me to take care of myself too..which meant no colds and I had to sleep. Well, it was going to be hard but I did it. Of course, it all came together with the help of friends, family, a legal assistant, 2 nannies, a Realtor, some wine, and adrenaline.

I forgot to mention....I turned 30 on June 16th, my legal assistant went to a work conference June 16-19 (which meant I had to cover the office more), my dad got married on June 18th in Indiana, and the movers were in my house June 22 AND 23. Burak and I didn't celebrate our 9-year wedding anniversary unless you consider the 5-minute phone call a celebration. Burak also missed his first Father's Day. So, why are those all in the span of 2 week you ask, well I don't know but anyway.

And breathe....If I can do that, I can do anything. What is moving my firm, baby, and life half-way across the world?

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