July 18, 2011

Pedicure Finally!

My last pedicure was June 11th, the day I had an awesome 30th birthday party and going away party. I went with my awesome friend, Ann.

I picked up an expensive habit of needing a pedicure once a month. I think it started when I moved to Houston and I wore open-toe shoes year round! But, I also like to go with girlfriends, my sister, and loved to take my mom and grandma as a treat.  My mom would only go when I took her and I was always paying for her get her fake nails off.  mom ( :) )

I remember I was in a nail salon with my mom and grandma in San Antonio when the breaking news was that Sarah Palin was going to be the Vice President candidate for the Republican party back in 2008 I guess.

I have had a pedicure in at least 3 countries that I can remember.  In the US, Turkey, and UAE.

In the UAE, all the nail salons from what I can tell, are Ladies Only and the walls are blocked off so you can't see inside, unlike the US when they are almost always glass walls so you can see what is inside.  I couldn't find my regular color with the brand OPI - 'I am not really a waitress' so I opted for Tito's 'Secret Lover' at the place called Tips and Toes in my neighborhood complex. I am sort of surprised that name is not banned here.  For 70dhs ($18US), I had a pedicure and for 70dhs I had a nice neck, back, and arm massage. It was a nice treat after all of June and Rex was with the nanny so I had a hour to chill out. I feel good now. I got to a point in Houston that I wouldn't feel complete until I had my car cleaned, my toes done and the house cleaned, then I was good.

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Janeece Dent-Bennett said...

I agree 100% on the need for a pedicure!