July 5, 2011

Quick Answers to Common Questions

At the moment it is 4:40am Dubai time and I am up typing and my new live-in nanny/maid is helping watch Rex while he wants to play.

Answers to Questions I have received:
Q: Do I have to cover up with a scarf or wear a burqa or something?
A: No, I have been wearing what I wore in Houston - shirt that covers my shoulders and cleavage and black pants and sandals. There are a lot of tourists and expats here. We just have to be respectful of the locals and we're fine.

Q: Is Facebook banned in UAE?
A: No, but Skype, Vonage, Hulu, and some others are blocked or limited if the web thinks you have a local IP address. I always wondered what it was like to be blocked from websites and now I know.

Q: Housing - corporate, etc?
A: Burak found a villa/townhouse in a suburb outside of the city center. We have to pay rent in 1 or 2 yearly installments. The rent is covered by his job.

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e.h.w. said...

glad you guys found a nice place to stay! it will be really nice to have a nanny, no? ;P