July 18, 2011

Eye Spy at the Mall of the Emirates - Dubai Ski and Carrefour - July 10, 2011

You are all getting one of these lovely t-shirts!!

Oh, this is my office and my feeling of being an electrical engineer with all the adapters!

That is a column or tower of hard hats on the side of the road.

"I don't like your attitude!"

I was trying to get another example of Emirati clothing.

Sweepy baby with his pouty lip

You can rent this at Dubai Ski and go down the snow in it!

Buying diapers in a foreign country but there are a lot of the same brands just different marketing.

Ok, I have a problem with this one - They put the Drano and drain cleaner next to the feminine hygiene products. It must make the men just as uncomfortable as the women to be reading product labels next to each other. Really? They couldn't think of a better place to put these? It seems like an abrupt lack of transition.

Just what I wanted! Pancakes in a Flash!

I wanted to look down the aisle and see if there were some x-rated cookies somewhere under the 'Adult cookie' section.


Getting ready for Ramadan

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