July 9, 2011

Construction Quality

Here is an excerpt from the book CultureShock: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette UAE by Gina Crocetti Benesh about Construction Quality

"Most of the country's hard labour is carried out by Pakistanis, Afghanis, Indians, and Baluchistanis. What this results in is men doing work for which they many not have much understanding. For example, the man doing the electrical wiring for a newly-constructed building is likely to have lived much of his life without electricity and the man driving a taxi many have never ever been a passenger in a car until he came to this country. Brand new buildings may have satellite reception while cable for telephones might be forgotten. The work must then be redone. While the world is amazed at the marvel of the fast pace of development in the UAE, those within the UAE tend to be astonished instead by the questionable workmanship, oversight and codes."

We shall see. I have only been here a week.

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