July 10, 2011

I am afraid I will...

A few things I am afraid I will do even though they are cultural or legal faux pas:

- point the bottoms of my feet or shoes at someone here.
I cross my legs a lot and move them a lot so I have to pay attention to this.

- eat or drink in public during Ramadan.
I drink a lot of water because it is the summer in the desert and I am still breastfeeding which means I need water. I heard that you can go to jail for a month in the UAE if you are caught eating or drinking in public during Ramadan, which is most of the month of August this year. I just read today that the police will give non-Muslims one warning but the second time means jail. I think I will just stay home or fly to Europe.

- shake a man's hand.
I am so used to this being an attorney/lawyer and business owner. I shake men's hands all the time but I think that it is considered inappropriate here. I am just going to keep my hands to myself. 
Correction post-posting: Apparently if I offer my hand, it is ok, but if I don't, then they won't shake with me. More to come on this.

- kiss Burak in public.
Apparently, we can hold hands but no kissing. But I think there are so many foreigners here that we usually get the foreigner pass a few times.

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