July 10, 2011

International Cable - Lots of channels to watch

In the house subletting for a month has A LOT of channels on the cable package. Burak and I decided 5-6 years ago to not get cable to save money and time from watching TV. We were in graduate school and figured it would help us stay focused.  Now, I just learned how to turn the tv on yesterday (you need to use 3 remote controls!) and I scanned most of the channels so far...wow! There are channels from India, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, US (MTV, Fox, Style, etc), France, Spain, Germany, etc. I think there are about 800 or so channels. There is even the Future News channel and I am interested if they predict the future or why it is called Future News.

I remember when I first lived abroad extensively, which was in Belgium, I was amazed at the international news coverage available as opposed to what I received in the US. I feel like that right now again, 12 years later. I remember in Texas watching the local news and we would have the 'World Minute' in which all the world news was summed up in a minute. Yep.

I am now watching a channel where they have a live camera on the Ka'bah in Mecca and you can watch the pilgrims walking around the Ka'bah seven times. One of the five pillars of Islam is to perform a pilgrimage to Mecca; the pilgrimage is known as the hajj.  As a non-Muslim, you are not allowed to this site. I can't believe Burak is there right now in Saudi Arabia. I can't wait to hear what his experience is there.

What is crazy is between my 6-month old and my law firm, I don't have time to watch TV but it sort of fun to scan through the channels.

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