September 11, 2004

My new University - The joys of Catalan

Monday, I went to my new university to 'matriculate' or in other words, register or enroll. I am not sure if you have seen the movie L'Auberge Espangole but there is a scene where the French Erasmus students complain to the Catalan professor at the University of Barcelona that they do not understand Catalan but would like him to speak in Castillian, what we usually call 'Spanish.'

Well, I have a feeling that scene in the movie will be echoing throughout my next year because my university is in the heart of Catalonia and most of the forms and signs are in Catalan. They even offer a free course to foreign students and give you a Catalan-English dictionary when you enroll at the International Office.

So I am really curious how this is going to work out. My Castillian has been improving over time and that is the one I had to prove that I spoke to come and live in Barcelona. I can read Catalan signs becuase the language reads like a mix between Spanish and French. But then I heard someone say that it doesn't sound like how it reads.

Anyway, I figure I will pick it up and that I will probably gain an understanding of the language even if I don't know how to write it nor learn the grammar. At least I can write my exams and papers in Castillian if I want to for school so that will be nice!

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