September 11, 2004

Culture and Political talks in Spanish class - New Nudity Law

Because yesterday was Friday and not many students go to language classes on Friday, there were only about 4 students in my class which was a huge difference from the regular 8 students.

We turned the class into a soley conversation class which is always fun because then you are forced to speak, express yourself, and also learn some interesting things at the same time. We talked about politics in our own countries (we had an Italian, Swiss, Swede, and American for students with a Spaniard as our teacher).

Then we were asked what shocked us as we arrived to Barcelona and Spain in general for the first time.

One thing I said was that Barcelona seemed very liberal and to have a lot of hippy-looking people. Everyone agreed. Actually, our teacher explained that recently in Barcelona voted in a more liberal government.

In fact, he said, they a new law was enacted this last Thursday that said it was LEGAL to be nude in public places. My teacher even said he saw someone walking nude down the street on Thursday. I was just thinking about how in America, walking around nude in public places is called "indecent exposure" and can get you a fine or jail time. Interesting.

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