September 12, 2004

Getting to be 'in the know' in Barcelona

When you first arrive in a city that you plan to live in for an extended period of time, you have to learn about how to learn more about the city. When I lived in DC for two years, learning about websites like and other tidbits of info like being on university list servs really enriched my living experience those two years.

I asked about websites here in Barcelona when I arrived to find places to live, furniture, people interested in language exchange, and also jobs for my husband, Burak.

Just in case there is anyone in the same predicament, I have found out about the following sites:

All sites include classifieds ranging from work needed, apartments available, and people in search of language exchange.

I find my place I live in right now from the first website. I have already inqueried about used furniture and currently plan to meet up this week with someone I met that wants to exchange English for Spanish.

There are also many ads for places to hang out, cinema, theatre, and upcoming events. With so much going on in this town, it is almost too overwhelming. I feel like I have barely done anything in the last two weeks in terms of going out. But in reality, I have been settling in with a place, registering to school, taking Spanish classes, and now buying furniture for my new place. We have gone out several times but I know we have just scratched the surface of the night/cultural life.

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