August 20, 2004

Ways Turkey is a lot like Mexico (after having lived in both countries)

  • You have to pay for restrooms even if they aren’t so clean
  • They both have a lot of chaotic dirt roads with very few traffic signs
  • The water and electricity runs out occasionally (especially when you are in the shower) :)
  • You have to bring toilet paper with you because the restrooms will probably not have any
  • The service, labor, and food is less expensive compared to America
  • Very few people have internet in their home
  • Almost everything is made of cement! Little wood or brick in the construction of buildings
  • They put salt on everything!
  • You can’t drink the tap water - or lets say, you shouldn't...
  • You can't trust street food because it will probably give you stomach problems
  • Young children sell things on the street
  • Very little personal space
  • A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables for really cheap
  • They don’t often use AC or at least they rarely have it in residential areas
  • Everyone uses buses to get around the country because it is cheap and more or less reliable

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