August 20, 2004

The toilets – a la franga versus a la turka

I hate the Turkish toilets because I feel like I am about to lunge in one or another direction and get really dirty in the unsanitary setting that I had to pay to use. It definitely takes some getting used to. It is like a room where you would just go out in the bushes but they provide a ceramic hole and suggested foot mats for you to prepare your aim. Once I have paid for the restroom at a public place, I frequently search out for the a la franga toilet because sometimes they offer both in a large restroom.

The a la franga toilet (which literally mean the 'French toilet') is the sit down toilet traditionally found all over America. Their a la franga toilets are just a little different from our American toilets because they have a little water spout that you can turn on to ‘clean yourself’ while sitting down. I haven’t used it because it just seems too weird to even try.

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