August 20, 2004

Trip to the Spa

After I had mentioned my interest in a spa treatment and massage, my cousins’ researched a good place for me to go. As the bride, they wanted to treat me. I came to the cousins’ town for a visit and a spa visit. They had made an appointment for me.

We walked from the cousins’ house to the salon called ‘salonu’ in Turkish. I was wondering if of the three cousins accompanying me, any were planning on getting something done at the salon. As soon as I arrived, I realized why we needed an appointment. There was only one certified person working there with her assistant.

I was signed up for a pedicure, manicure, facial and full body massage. It was going to end up taking 4 hours! The cousins came just to hang out and wait for me. I was really shocked that they came even though they were going to have to wait. But really it turned out to be a lot fun and a nice break from hanging out with Burak all the time. I finally got to be with a group of girls.

They all sat around me while I was getting the pedicure and manicure done. We talked and laughed. I heard about their crushes on Tarkan, the famous singer who had an international hit four years ago with the song with the kissing sound. He was young, handsome, and Turkish so we talked about him for a little while. One of the cousins, that is a teacher and working on her doctoral thesis, spoke the best English. She and I were able to communicate enough with the aid of a small dictionary to have fun and helped me talk to the other girls.

After the facial and manicure/pedicure, I was given my full body massage. Now, it wasn’t the same quality of what I have had in America but they really put a lot of effort into it. In the end, I had two people working on me because the assistant was learning the massage technique from the certified masseuse while using my massage to teach her. In essence, I was getting a massage on one side of my body and then feeling the same mimicked moved on the other side but with just a few seconds lag time. It was funny, but I was too relaxed to care.

After 4 hours of work from two people, the cost was only 45 million TL or roughly $35 American dollars. Can you believe this?

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