August 20, 2004

Natural Gas in Vehicles

If you think gas is expensive in America, it is about 3 to 4 times as much in Turkey. Gas is so expensive, Turks get their cars fitted to use natural gas which is extremely less in price.

A recent news story proves this phenomenon. A Turk in Belgium bought a Ferrari in Belgium and although happy with the car he was overwhelmed by how expensive it was to fund the gas. So he brought it down to Turkey to convert it over to natural gas usage. The mechanics had never converted a Ferrari so they called the manufacturer for suggestions on how to make the change. The manufacturer was so shocked about the inquiry that they gave the owner his money back in exchange for the car because they were concerned about the integrity of company name.

The only problem, with using natural gas the way they do, is that there are all these vehicles driving around with a huge tank of natural gas in the trunk. I hear this can be a big problem in a collision accident.

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