October 26, 2005

Trip to good ol San Anton - Fall Break

I just returned from a 5-day trip to Austin and San Antonio. It was jam packed with activities with just enough unstructured time to see friends and family.

I flew into Austin and was picked up by a friend I met in Barcelona. She is a real estate agent in Austin now and went to UT. We had lunch and caught up. Then she dropped me off at my Rotary Club's hotel for my speech.

I spoke to the South Austin Rotary club and thanked them for sponsoring me as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to Spain. It was a success and my mom and aunt were there to welcome me to Texas.

That afternoon, I hired a locksmith to drill thru the lock on my 5 by 5 storage unit Burak and I had had for 3 years. Aunt Anita, mom, and I emptied the storage and drove down to San Antonio.

Thursday was a free day and I spent it with family. My uncle Mark, missionary in Mexico, happened to be passing through that very same day so I got to see him too. I bought baby clothes for my cousin's 3-month old so he could give it to his granddaughter.

Friday and Saturday I went to a Mary Kay Summit. I saw the lady who gave my very first MK makeup party at my 15 or 16th Birthday. I learned how to do my eyeshadow from her. :) She and her daughter are both/still in MK. It was a great experience and very inspiring.

Sunday I went to my former church to visit old friends. I went to lunch with my parents then went through more boxes.

Monday AM I fly back to NC and my friend picked me up. I am still trying to catch up on my sleep and reading.

I now need a break from my fall break!!!

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