October 4, 2004

Note about Air Conditioning - part 2342656

Ok, I knew documenting my thoughts about living in a new place would really help me watch my views evolve over time. In the beginning, ie the late summer, I was complaining about the heat and no AC.

Now, I would like to complain about AC being so rare to me after 3 months without it, that I am now getting sick anytime I am surrounded by it. Take for example, my 7.5 hour bus ride to Madrid in AC and then my 5 hours of LSAT in AC and then my return 7.5 hour bus ride back to Barcelona. I am officially fighting off a cold once more.

Anyway, I knew the irony had to be admitted. Ok, so many this place only needs AC for maybe 2 months (July and August). What I am really curious about is why do I not get sick in AC in America?

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