October 10, 2004

My week in review - October 3 - 10

Well it is 9:34pm on a Sunday evening and for some reason I have a strong enough internet connetion from my neighbors that I can adequately update my blog for this week.

Sunday, October 3rd
I previously covered this date with my trip to Madrid for my LSAT. I spent this day at the Prado museum and with Burak at a park fighting off his food poisioning. We got back to Barcelona late Sunday night and I left my really great bday gift for Burak on the bus but luckily I can try to find another one and it wasn't too expensive.

Monday, October 4th
I went to my only class for the day covering the EU. I had coffee with my new friend and classmate, Natalie who happens to be from UC Berkeley. We figured out that we were both at Berkeley in May, both in DC in June/July, and now happen to be living just 2 blocks from each other and going to the same university in Barcelona and well take 2 of the same classes.

She told me about an awesome computer lab on campus and I camped out there for 5 hours. I had so many people to email and things to do now that I was done with the LSAT.

I rushed home to go grocery shopping before the stores closed at 9pm. I had another friend coming over later that night. Katy offered to take my suitcases and store them in her room. She had a lot of extra room and our suitcases were taking up too much in ours. We hung out and then Burak took out suitcases to her place since I had to go to bed earlier my long day of school Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 5th
I had my first class at 11am but I had almost 4 classes today. I had lunch with Natalie after doing some computer work in the lab.

Go to my blog about 'Going to university in Catalonia' to understand my last two weeks at university.

I came home by around 9pm from my last class and Burak came home around 10pm from teaching. We ate dinner and caught up on the day and went to sleep.

Wednesday, October 6th
Ella's party
Cops came

Thursday, October 7th
Cancelled interview
Texas Exes

Friday, October 8th
School - computer stuff

Saturday, October 9th
Fix up the room
Prep for party
Party - 18 or so people - you know all these people in one month?
La Paloma - home by 5:00am

Sunday, October 10th

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