January 22, 2012

Law Firm Goals and Thoughts for 2012

I just had a business meeting with myself, reviewing old notes, goals, to do lists, ideas, etc. As for my law firm, I realized a few things recently:

1.  Don't put off bookkeeping until the year is over - Yes, you can do some data entry, hire help, etc but if I had watched my numbers as I was in the process, I probably would have cut costs along the way. Ditto that to my personal finances.

2. It is good to sit and reflect without a computer in front of you of what you want for your business. Also, I keep seeing that quote - A goal without a plan is just a wish. I saw that I had accomplished parts of my to do lists but some where still remaining after 1 to 2 years.  So, at this point where I can look at my numbers for 2011, I am about to have a personnel change in my firm, and we are starting a new year, I am going to be honest with myself and make some new goals for the firm that reflect what I want to see.

3. After reading E-myth Revisited and 4-hour workweek in the last few months, I realize that a small-business owner, it is a constant struggle to balance entrepreneur, technician, and manager AND both books suggest automating processes and getting help. You can only grow and do greater things if you empower/train/allow others to help you so I think that is one of the critical areas where small business owners go wrong.

4. On a personal level, I want this year to be more boring than the last 2 years. If that is the case, I can put more effort into growing my firm and also all my other personal goals like losing weight, saving more money, and enjoying life as an expat mom in the Middle East.

Having traveled to 4 countries in the span of 1 month in December 2011 and having seen many friends and family, I have had many thoughts about life, the firm, etc. and want to get back to blogging so I can remember what I have learned.

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