September 6, 2011

Dubai Festival City Mall and Toys R Us - August 26, 2011

We went to Toys R Us in Dubai to check it out. We spent an hour there and only bought a small kid pool and plastic balls. We had fun though..

Burak checking out the toys..

The elevator in the Toys R Us. Each wall was a TV screen and when we went up and down it played a scene of Dubai as we were going up or down. It was very neat but very hot in there!

Wow, I didn't even know they had this doll. A minute homage to my home state, Texas.

Ok, I didn't realize that this doesn't show very well but these dolls are like 3 feet tall! They are standing on the floor. I should have had Rex stand up against them.

It was fun to see what books were available. Lots in Arabic too.

I am going to buy one before I leave. I love Barbie-type dolls because they try to represent their population.

Fun play area. Almost every mall has an area like this for kids. We are scoping out the best places for Rex to play and for play dates.

Kid's Saloon!!! :) Really a Salon.. 

I wanted to get on this..

Camels everywhere...we are in the desert!

Random cool wooden boat.

Waterfall where the water fell down the strings/ropes.

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Dubai said...

Dubai malls celebrates toy day. They are preparing toys for children. They are having ceremonies and program for kids.