August 14, 2011

Facebook in Turkey - This is funny

Since my mother in law finally met her first grandchild just a few days ago at his age of 7 months old, I have been  updating Facebook regularly so she can watch him grow up. I also do that for the rest of my family since we live all over the place.

When I arrived in Turkey, she told me she was grateful that I posted so much on Face. I wondered why she called it 'Face' instead of 'Faceboook.'  I figured she was in her mid-50s trying to get up to speed with technology and my mom used to call it Yearbook, Face lift, and a different name each time, so I figured I wouldn't even bother correcting her.

A couple of days into our trip, we were at someone's house and they were uploading photos to Facebook from the visits and they kept calling it 'Face.' I overhead ....Turkish turkish turkish and then 'face' in English and then Turkish, turkish, so I was wondering why did they all call it 'Face.' Burak told me that the word 'bok' in Turkish is the word for slang for 'sh$t' so to avoiding saying the word 'bok' which sounds like the English word of 'book' in their Turkish accent, they call it simply 'Face.' Otherwise, it would be Sh$tFace or Facesh$t.

I bet Zuckerberg didn't think about that when he created FB back in the day.

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