May 22, 2006

1470 miles in 4 days - Durham to Dallas to San Antonio

I finally made it. Burak and I drove 1200 miles from Durham to Dallas then we unloaded our cars to set up our apartment in downtown Dallas. Then I drove to Austin, had dinner with a great friend, Ann, and then drove on down to SA. I start my law internship at Legal Aid in downtown SA tomorrow AM. 8AM!

This is going to be a great learning experience. What is like to live in SA after leaving it 7 years ago? Where do I want to end up, in Austin, Dallas, Round Rock, etc? What do I like about Texas? Can I live with this crazy heat? What is like to work in a law office? What will I actually be doing?

Anyway, I have a lot of questions but I hope to find a lot of answers these next 3 months.

Stay tuned...ok, now for a nap.


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