February 2, 2006

My happy week! Jan 29-Feb 4

All of January was random (El Paso, San Antonio, Rotary conference, start a new semester of law school, find a summer job, make sure I get my private loan so I can pay my bills, buy a 2nd car, do my winter pro bono project, don't drop my responsibilities with my MK business, write a Rotary Scholar handbook,etc.)

Well maybe, 'busy' is a better word.

But this last week starting with Sunday has been great and I figure even if really no one reads this, I want to tell the world that I am really happy.

Good things
1. Had some epiphanies at church Sunday
2. Held a Baby shower for a friend Sunday
3. Got offered a generous speakers fee for a conference in April
4. Got offered the summer internship with Legal Aid in San Antonio
5. Signed my private loan check so I can have some money these next few months (was noticing I needed enough to pay the rent today so I realized I had to go sign the check)
6. My driver side car window works! (It wasn't working for a while)
7. I started an official club at school with some friends, Carolina Law and Policy Association and it will be what we think is missing, a policy focused group for us to network and learn from (It went from idea to club in less then one week!)
8. I was elected Carolina Public Interest Legal Organization's Vice President-Secretary.
9. My husband got a job offer with American Express
10. My husband got a 2nd interview with McKinsey in Atlanta this week.

Wow! This is so awesome. It is sort of like a story I heard on a Christian radio this week. This certain type of bamboo will not grow in height for 5 years but within 90 days will grow a ridiculous amount. Basically, you can work really hard for something and then all the sudden a lot of good things come from it.

So this is my official be happy, life is good week!
Ruby :)

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