January 26, 2006

Mini bio for AIESECers - Nomadlife

Grew up in San Antonio, Texas (Clark HS '99). Exchange student with Rotary to Belgium (French part) 99-00. At UT-Austin from Fall 00 - Summer 02. Was in Business Honors then switched to Government. Adam told me about AIESEC my first week of school, I joined and soon met my husband, Burak Subasi, trainee from Turkey. I was a Recruitment Dir. and Culture Team VP (first officer to hold the position).

Moved to DC with Burak the summer we got married (June 2002), worked for the Committee on Homeland Security on the House side. Got the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to live and study in Barcelona, Spain. Burak and I took off from DC early to live with his parents in Turkey (western coast - can see the island of Lesvos from the beach). Then we went to Spain for a year. While in Europe, met up with many AIESECers and started an Austin AIESEC listserv for members in the 2000-2003 time frame.

Now Burak is at Duke MBA and I am at UNC Chapel Hill Law. We started in Aug 2005 and my hope is to get back to Texas as soon as we can. :)

Yes, our name is Burak (Subasi) and Ruby (Lichte)Powers now.

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