December 8, 2005

The year of the Engagement and other rants on the subject

First Paris and Paris and now Nicole and her DJ, come on now! We know that basically these two came to fame for just being ditzy, rich girls, and connected, but these unsuccessful engagements were just great ways to continue the media frenzy, catapolt them in the spot light so they sell hand bags, jewelry, books, movies, tv shows, etc.

You know what? I am really getting tired of what America or America's media allows to be our Hollywood monarchy. This is just getting to be ridiculous.

Actors think that can sing, singers think they can act, models think they can act, actors took the jobs away from the models, and if you are in the spotlight you can write a children's book, design a hand bag, and receive tons of money (like you don't already have it) in free gifts from companies using you to advertise it.

When will this insanity stop? But that is another subject I could write about.

The only thing I can say, is lucky they were just unsuccessful engagements rather than unsuccessful marriages. But come on ladies, I know you might have flirted with the idea of getting settled and growing up, but marriage and engagement isn't a game and you shouldn't use it for fame.

Nicole Richie, Fiance Call Off Engagement

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