November 1, 2005

So now there is comment spam?

I love this. I had to change a feature on my blog so that a person leaving a comment had to type in the word that they saw and prevent me from receiving comment spam from random people sending mass messages to blogs. What is next?

I think when someone talks too much, I am just going to call it comment spam. It just sounds better than mouth diaherra (sp) or whatever people call it.

Anyway, I was awoken for the 2nd day in a row between 7:46am and 7:48am in the morning (yesterday it was a text message from someone and today my husband called to say he might have lost his wallet!!!) when I still had an hour or so left of sleep.

I guess I should go take a shower, read more Torts, make more coffee (already had 4 cups), and go to school.

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