May 3, 2005

University of Texas and El Camino de Santiago connection

Another fellow Longhorn who did the same camino as I ( I just did about 12km more) and also didn't go to her graduation.

According to El Correo Gallego, Jenna Bush will be arriving in Santiago de Compostela on Thursday after a 5 day pilgrimage. She has already made dinner reservations in old town.

Written by Ivar Rekve,
[Published: Friday, May 28, 2004]
The five stages that Jenna Bush will be covering will be:

Day 1, Sarria - Portomarᅢᆳn
Day 2, Portomarᅢᆳn - Palas de Rei
Day 3, Palas de Rei - Arzᅢᄎa
Day 4, Arzᅢᄎa - O Pino
Day 5, O Pino - Santiago de Compostela.

She is expected to arrive in Santiago de Compostela on Thursday June 3rd. It is reported that she will be staying in Paradores (see link below) and in ᅡモCasas Ruralesᅡヤ on the way here.

According to El Correo Gallego a restaurant in old town Santiago de Compostela has received a reservation for 6, which includes Jenna Bush. The reservation was made about two days ago.

Jenna Bush has just graduated from University of Texas with an English degree (graduation 22nd of May). She did not attend her own graduation, which created some buzz in the US (see Google News Link below).

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