February 27, 2005

Avocados and Ice Cream - Mexican Spanish

Because I woke up at 730am and can't sleep, I want to share the history behind the word aguacates straight from a Mexican website.

AGUACATE-AHUÁCATLSu traducción etimológica es “árbol de los testículos”, en clara alusión a la forma de estos frutos. De ahuácatl, “testículo”, y cuáhuitl, “árbol”.

So if we got them from Mexico, then how come it is translated into avocat(French) and avocado(English,German, Italian)? That just shows how words can be completed mutilated from language to language, etc.

Anyway talking about Mexican Spanish, last night at my party I said 'nieve' referring to ice cream. I was chuckled at by my Catalan/Spanish friends because that means 'snow' over here. Then I thought for a second. I remember learning that was the word for ice cream in Mexico. So, this morning when I couldn't sleep I realized I was right but the word 'nieve' is used for sherbert in Mexico. But, I think 'nieve' was used on the street for ice cream and sherbert like there was no difference( from what I remember).

So, now I will to continue to check out the website. Funny how I have to keep relearning Spanish from the Mexican to the Spanish version.

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Gala said...

Everything seems to indicate that we were in Belgium the same year, i found this blog with the e-mail you send by who-belgium, and well my real name is Beatriz not Gala and i´m a blogger too. But frankly i don´t remember you, do you remember me? just curiosity, weird isn´t?